BMW 650i Gran Coupe Gets the Art Car Treatment

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Can't wait for BMW to commission its next official art car? Just create your own. That's what this dealership in the Gulf emirates did.

Art Cars have become all the rage of late, with every automaker and its subsidiaries getting in on the action. But no one does art cars quite like BMW. The Bavarian automaker essentially pioneered the segment, and has brought in some of the most renowned artists in the world to leave their impression on its cars along the way. But BMW's official art cars only come along every so often, and one dealership evidently got tired of waiting, so it created its own.

That dealership is called Umm Al Nar, and it's based (as you might have guessed) in Abu Dhabi. The dealer is sponsoring an event called "The Road is your Easel", and to promote its apparent patronage of the arts, it has had this 650i Gran Coupe painted in a wild splattering of color. The end result, to our eyes at least, looks like someone drove the 445-horsepower V8 four-door coupe through a paint store and put the result on display. But then who are we to judge what constitutes art and what doesn't. The interior has also apparently been jazzed up as well with rose gold-tone trim and ambient lighting for a more opulent take on the sleek Bimmer.

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