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BMW 7 Series Already Requires A Refresh Thanks To New Competition

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Didn't this big sedan just launch? Yeah, in 2015.

It's not your imagination. Automakers, both luxury and mainstream, are doing vehicle mid-life refreshes faster than ever before thanks to a continuous stream of fresh competition. It was only for 2015 when BMW launched its latest generation 7 Series large sedan, and it's apparently time for an update inside and out. Thanks to our spy photographers, we're able to bring you the first images of the updated sedan with the typical camouflage hiding what's new. But it doesn't take much of the imagination to get an idea as to the styling updates.

For starters, look at the front twin kidney grille; it's much bigger than it is currently. There are also sleeker head lights that, when combined with the restyled grille, give the front end a more massive, sleeker look. Does this look at all familiar? It should, because this is very similar styling to what's found on the X7 concept. We also expect the upcoming X7 SUV production version to retain this look as well. Elsewhere on this 7 Series prototype you'll notice a sportier front bumper and a new hood while the rear lights are also updated, though not quite as dramatically as the front. We also have a decent enough interior shot showing part of what's new.

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Compare it to the current model and you'll notice updates such as a new steering wheel and a fully digital gauge cluster that looks like it comes straight from the 8 Series Concept, which is also on its way to production and will ride on the same 7 Series platform. One last bit of interesting interior information. Look even closer and you'll see the coveted V12 badge. Previously, we heard a rumor the V12 could soon depart from the 7 Series lineup, but apparently that's not the case, or at least not yet. Chances are, the prototype we're looking at is the M760i and it's expected to go on sale as either a 2019 or 2020 model.