BMW 7 Series MkII Redefined Business Class

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In 1987, BMW revealed the second-gen 7 Series built for those with a chauffeur-driven lifestyle.

Upon launching the 7 Series in 1977, BMW was making its first foray into the luxury car market. The aim was to attract wealthy clientele and showcase its high-tech gadgetry. So advanced was the car, BMW didn't deem a successor necessary until a decade later when the E32 7er was released built with rear passenger comfort in mind. In the second installment of the Bavarian carmaker's seven series mini-series, designer Hans Kerschbaum details his influence on the luxury car.

For easier access to the back seats, his idea of a wider, more distinctive C-pillar on the rear side window of the second-gen 7 Series was adopted, and the typical L-shaped rear lights made their first appearance.

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