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BMW 750i Recovered In Spite Of BMW Assist

There was some pretty big talk coming from BMW last week. A $94,000 750i that was part of the fleet of vehicles brought to Detroit for the Auto Show was stolen while being loaded into a truck. The car was left parked and running momentarily, but that was all the time the thieves needed to make off with the car. BMW proclaimed that they were confident the 750i would be returned shortly, thanks to the BMW Assist tracking system.

The car was indeed recovered quickly, but it was found with the wires to the BMW Assist system severed. Perhaps there was a flaw with the system after all. What enabled the 750i to be found was how conspicuous it is, giant German luxo-barges tend to stick out a bit. This particular one was recovered from an apartment complex parking lot in western Detroit. Apart from the severed wires, the car was undamaged.

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