BMW X5 Just Got Longer And More Luxurious

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But you can't have one.

BMW may be breaking hearts all over the world with the design of its newest vehicles, but for some markets, going big in every department is a benefit. A case in point is China, a market that has brought some of the most extreme-looking machines to us and is obsessed with bigger everything.

Here, luxury automakers can't make do with the regular cars that they sell to the rest of the world. Chinese buyers want loads of space and plenty of legroom, which is why the market often gets exclusive long-wheelbase cars like the Evoque. We've also seen stretched Audis, and with no prior warning, BMW has now added a lengthened version of the popular X5 SUV.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has revealed a new version of the BMW X5 in xDrive 40 Li guise. As with other longer Bimmers, this model also gains the 'Li' suffix. It boasts the M Sport package and its wheelbase measures 122.2 inches, 5.1 more than you get in the regular G05 X5. As a result, the rear doors are longer and the entire vehicle is 5.4 inches longer than before at 199.2 inches.

According to the documents released by the Chinese government, 21- and 22-inch wheels will be on offer and the entire thing will weigh 4,905 pounds.

2019-2022 BMW X5 Side View BMW
2019-2022 BMW X5 Rear Angle View BMW
2019-2022 BMW X5 Side View BMW
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Under the hood, a 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six produces 365 horsepower, making it notably more powerful than the 335-hp engine that the rest of the world gets. We assume that the reason for this added power is to help with the weight of the extra metal and glass that comes with a longer body.

Mercedes is currently working on its new GLE to take on the X5, and we expect that this will get a longer body at some point too, but again, this will only be available in the Chinese market. In the States, you've got to upgrade to either a Mercedes GLS or a BMW X7 to get more luxury.

2019-2022 BMW X5 Front View Driving BMW
2019-2022 BMW X5 Rear Badge BMW
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