BMW Admits It Could Soon Dip Its Toes Into The Pickup Truck Game

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Just don't expect an M3 ute like we saw years ago.

Americans love pickup trucks and BMW adores throwing the word "growth" at its stockholders, but like two shy friends who would make a great couple, BMW hasn't materialized a ring (read: truck) to ask for America's hand in a fruitful marriage. In 2011 it pranked us with an E92 M3 converted into a pickup truck, making it our favorite mini-truck since the Chevy El Camino. Since then, plenty of other BMW owners have taken saws to their 3 Series to build modern Ford Ranchero renditions, many times with humorous results.

These adventurous owners are likely making up for the fact that just a year ago, a source from BMW spilled the beans saying that Bavaria's favorite export outside of beer will never submit a pickup or ute to the public. However, the automaker has gone back on its promises in the past and if words from Australia's BMW Managing Director Marc Werner signify anything, the oath to forgo a pickup truck may be broken. Speaking to Australia's Motoring, Werner said that BMW will be watching the pickup segment closely in the next few years, specifically as Mercedes jumps headfirst into the same pool dominated by the Ford F-150. When asked about his colleague's "no" answer, Werner followed up by saying, "never say never."

It would be interesting to see what a BMW pickup truck would look like because despite being hot sellers, the company's X segment doesn't exactly produce the world's best off roaders. Instead, it builds utile city cars as well as our personal favorite, the truly bonkers X6 M. Despite inexperience in the truck segment, BMW could pull knowhow from Toyota. The Japanese automaker makes the Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks and is currently working with BMW on the next generation Z5 and the reborn Supra. Mercedes is likely to mine its partner Nissan for the Frontier and Titan designs and even Audi could take the Volkswagen Amarok and bling it out to make an Audi competitor. Soon there could be war between Germany and America's big three.

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