BMW And Apple Are Joining Forces To Build The Apple Car?

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The thinking here does make a lot of sense.

Earlier this summer we heard that Apple was considering to call it quits on building a self-driving car. It still wants to develop self-driving technology, just not the car itself. Thing is, we don't know if that still remains the case after this latest rumor: according to BMW Blog and AppAdvice, an Apple analyst named Gene Munster is claiming the Silicon Valley-based tech giant wants to team up with BMW to get its car on the road. Thing is, BMW has already denied this is happening and the analyst hasn't provided any evidence to back up his claim.


So why is the guy so adamant these two companies are joining forces? Along with other tech industry analysts, the prediction is that Apple will stick to developing the software and technology for the car, while BMW will take care of manufacturing. Combined with the electric and autonomous technology BMW already has done in-house, the addition of Apple's tech could supplement everything to give both an industry edge. Apple has also watched the troubles Tesla has been having in regards to production, and so it might be thinking twice about the whole car manufacturing business in general. Teaming up with an established and technology-hungry automaker like BMW makes sense.

BMW, for its part, would gain even more self-driving tech that'll better position it against Tesla as well as its rival German brands. But for now this is purely a rumor, although it's one that makes an awful lot of sense.


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