2011 Shanghai Auto Show

BMW and Brilliance to Display Plug-In Hybrid 5-Series Concept in Shanghai

The Chinese market is expanding fast for BMW and perhaps that's why the German automaker has decided to display their 5-Series plug-in hybrid concept at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show. The concept will be a long wheelbase version of the popular sedan and was built in conjunction with the government-mandated partner firm Brilliance. It features a 94 hp electric motor and a 214 hp turbocharged internal combustion engine.

According to BMW and Brilliance, this setup provides a range of 295 miles, with supposedly 47 miles of which are from electric power only. The chances of this concept becoming a production model (in China, at least) is a real possibility, considering that BMW is about to begin working on Mini E and 1-Series based ActiveE prototype testing in the coming months.

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