BMW And Clive Owen Team Up To Create The Most Badass Car Ad

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The automaker's series of short films are really glorified car commercials and there's nothing wrong with that.

The other day we let you in on BMW's plans to revive its series of short films. They are not only action packed but also feature some great driving, well-known actors, top class directors, and of course the latest cars from the manufacturer. "The Hire," the original series directed by Guy Ritchie, featured Madonna getting chucked around in the back of an E39 M5 driven by a professional driver, played by Clive Owen. The new series will be directed by Neil Blomkamp and feature the likes of Dakota Fanning, Vera Farmiga and John Bernthal.

The new series will once again see Clive Own as the driver of a BMW. The automaker has just released a trailer for the new film, "The Escape."

In this preview we don't get to see what BMW Owen is driving, but we do know it's an M car of sorts. As it kicks off we can see an M-badged wheel start to spin and later on we see some interesting foot pedals and later still we get a view of a nice and round aerodynamic mirror. The angle of the camera on the mirror doesn't show the lower half of it, which would be an easy way to tell the car because the M models have that distinctive teardrop airflow hole in it. We'll just have to wait until the full webisode is launched on October 23rd to find out exactly what will be used and what the actual storyline will be.

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