BMW And Mercedes Should Beware Volvo's New Flagship

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The upcoming XC100 could look VERY different.

The 2020 Volvo XC90 is currently the largest vehicle produced by the Swedish luxury automaker but earlier this year, a rumor emerged that a larger XC100 could be on its way. During a Volvo dealership meeting, the XC100 was described as a larger SUV (based the same platform as the next-generation XC90) that would directly compete with the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. The XC100 was rumored to arrive in 2023 sporting the same plug-in hybrid drivetrains as the smaller XC90 with a fully-electric version slated to arrive in 2024.

Now MotorTrend is reporting a slightly different future for the upcoming Volvo XC100. Rather than a larger three-row crossover slotted above the XC90, the outlet is reporting that the XC100 will be a crossover coupe that would compete with the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

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Nikita Chuyko
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This news does make some sense considering that along with the XC100, the original rumor predicted Volvo would build a coupe version of the XC40 called the C40. It took BMW several years before finally challenging Mercedes in the larger mid-size crossover segment so perhaps Volvo isn't ready to test the depths of those waters just yet. In addition to possibly being wrong about the XC100's size and purpose, the initial rumors may have also been incorrect about its power source.

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While the next-generation XC90 will be offered with gas, hybrid, and all-electric versions, MT reports that the XC100 will only be sold with battery power. The XC100 will be sold under Volvo's Recharge moniker, which was first used on the all-electric XC40 Recharge. If the XC100 Recharge does turn out to be an all-electric vehicle and an SUV Coupe, it means all of the renderings that have been created of it are already out of date. With a rumored reveal date in 2023, it will be a while before we find out what Volvo really has planned for the XC100.

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