BMW and Toyota Are Having a Sports Car Love Affair


Or are a few BMW executives not too happy about their beloved Ultimate Driving machine brand being invaded by Toyota?

It's been quite some time since BMW and Toyota made the big announcement regarding their plans to jointly develop a new sports car platform. There have been many rumors regarding what exactly the new model(s) could be, but a new report is now able to shed more light on this very question. According to Car Magazine, this new platform could underpin replacements for the BMW Z4 and 6 Series as well as the GT86/Scion FR-S.

Basically, BMW needs to develop its future 6 Series to be lighter than the current model, especially if it's to successfully compete against the likes of the Porsche 911 and Audi R8. It'll be quite interesting to see how this new platform will be used for this large Bimmer as well as the next-gen (and much smaller) Z4. Meanwhile, Toyota is looking ahead several years for its eventual GT86 replacement. What's especially interesting is that this same platform could be used not only for a new GT86, but also for a smaller MR2 and larger Supra revivals. This means that Toyota is looking to have a complete sports car lineup within the next few years.

Only question is what will happen to the Subaru BRZ? Will it share this new platform or take another direction entirely? Although these details all sound fine and good, there are reportedly some problems brewing between the two automakers. BMW execs are concerned that the Ultimate Driving Machine slogan has been damaged by the new i sub-brand, and the Toyota connection could further alienate die-hard BMW customers.

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