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BMW and Toyota Officially Creating Sports Car Magic

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Could this deal spawn a new Supra?

About a year ago, BMW and Toyota signed an agreement to jointly develop lithium-air batteries and other lightweight technologies. That's nothing unusual, or really special, but the German-Japanese pair also agreed to cooperate on building a platform for a new mid-sized sports car. Obviously that latter part really caught our interest, and over the course of 2013, rumors kept popping up as to what exactly this new sports car will turn out to be.

A new Supra? The next-gen Z4? Both are definitely possible, but only now have the two automakers officially signed on the dotted line to make the deal final. We also couldn't help notice the timing of this deal with the Detroit Auto Show just a couple of weeks away. Why exactly? Word has it that Toyota will unveil a next-gen Supra concept. If that ends up being the case, then will BMW present something of its own? We'll find out soon enough.

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