BMW Announces i3 Shadow Sport Edition

Special Edition

Is this newest BMW EV unique or just a BMW marketing rip-off?

Recently, we’ve seen the BMW i3 in a bit of troublebecause some of its airbags supposedly fail to deploy in low-speed crashes.That’s brought more negative attention to the i3 electronic vehicle because itsGerman auto manufacturer is now facing a recall for it. BMW just announced aspecial edition i3 that might help the image of the car improve in the publiceye. While it’s not as extreme as this orange custom i3 that makes V12 noises,it still features some refined new touches.

The base version of the “Shadow Sport Edition” i3still gets a fairly short 81-mile range battery. It’s no improvement in thatarea since last year. So what makes this special edition BMW so special? Well,for one thing, you can now get a sunroof on it. This simple feature has beenavailable on European models of the car since 2013, so it’s about time theUnited States got this option. The limited edition paint on this little car iscalled “Fluid Black” and is only available on this model.More important than a sunroof or special black paint,however, is the fact that this new i3 has a revised, sport-tuned suspension. Nospecifics are yet available on what those suspension upgrades will entail. Oneconcerning factor about this version of the i3 is that it bases at $43,395.

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Want the extended range version because you want to gosomewhere more than 80 miles away? That’ll cost you $47,245. To put that inperspective, for the cost of this range-extended i3, you could buy a 2007Porsche 911 Cabrio S, or a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, or a slightly usedBMW M3, or (where I live) a low-mileage 1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. Weunderstand that someone considering a new i3 special edition probably isn’tinterested in any of the above gas-guzzling, environment-destroying cars, butit at least demonstrates that there are certainly SOME better options for$47,000+.