BMW Apologizes For Attacking Haters Of Its New EV

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A full-scale social media war is avoided.

Most can agree that arguing on social media is about as pointless as taking a Chrysler Voyager around the Nurburgring: It's no fun and everyone loses. The other thing that also doesn't translate well on social media is sarcasm. BMW learned this the hard way when it recently made some cheeky tweets targeting anyone with something bad to say about its new iX SUV. The all-new iX is the brand's all-electric crossover SUV, and as with some of BMW's other new designs, the iX has been at the receiving end of a lot of internet hate. BMW clearly took this to heart when it jumped on to Twitter and is now apologizing for the rousing tweet.

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The debacle started when BMW replied to a Facebook user who said that the new iX "wasn't a real BMW", to which BMW replied, "so, you wanna bet on it?". The next problematic response came when a seemingly conservative user tweeted that the company should "go back to making BMWs" to which BMW responded, "OK, Boomer, and what's your reason not to change?"

The BMW marketing team responsible for its social media management clearly didn't realize that the "Boomer" generation are exactly the people buying its high-end models. This was clearly a misstep by the German brand, and now it has decided to apologize for the slip.

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BMW responded to its own tweet by saying " No matter what age you are, we hear you. We are sorry, it wasn't our intention to insult anyone with meme slang. The way into the new world of mobility is bumpy, but we hope you join us on the journey."

The BMW iX was recently unveiled via the German automaker's #NEXTGen online event and will serve as the brand's new electric flagship until its larger sibling, the iX7 SUV arrives. With 496 horsepower on offer and a range of 300 miles, this car is clearly a capable machine, and we don't blame the internet haters; it looks pretty funky.

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