BMW Asks Supermodel Gigi Hadid To Help Sell The BMW M2


Just kidding, this thing doesn't need any help selling.

The BMW M2 may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but word of mouth alone doesn't sell a car. No, you also need marketing. Supermodel Gigi Hadid of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition fame has teamed up with BMW to help get the word out about the M2. To that end she's in a clever ad that challenges you to keep your eyes on her. Hadid disappears into one of five identical M2s that shuffle up. Good luck keeping track of her as the cars weave around. But if you can keep track there's a reward for you!

We won't ruin what that reward is, so do your best to not lose sight of her and head to the website mentioned at the end of the ad to pick which car she's in. Don't worry if you get it wrong as you can guess until you get it right. Trust us on that one.

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