BMW To Showcase First Glimpse Of Neue Klasse Models In 2023

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The Neue Klasse of Bimmers includes ICE and EVs.

  • BMW will start reinventing itself in 2025 with new ICE and EV models
  • Upcoming models include a compact sedan EV in the 3 Series segment and a sporty SUV
  • The German brand wants to hit two million all-electric vehicles by 2025

BMW has been making a lot of noise about its Neue Klasse, which is coming in 2025. As it turns out, Neue Klasse is not a modern blanket marketing term for upcoming models but a term borrowed from BMW's long history. BMW was founded in 1916 and reinvented itself with the old Neue Klasse in the 1960s. That's when the company started manufacturing sedans with a sporty twist, which served it well until the recent electric revolution.

The chairman of the board of managers of BMW AG, Oliver Zipse, recently delivered the company's half-year report. By the end of the year, BMW will be producing 15 battery electric vehicles and the all-new iX5 Hydrogen. The EV models include pre-series and existing models like the i4, iX3, iX, and i7.


"By 2025, we aim to have delivered a total of two million all-electric vehicles to customers," said Zipse. That's a reasonably ambitious target considering it took Tesla roughly 12 years to hit the two million target. The BMW Group will have a more extensive EV portfolio, including Mini and Rolls-Royce products.

Once Neue Klasse arrives in 2025, it will speed up EV sales even more. According to Zipse, BMW is working on a compact sedan EV in the 3 Series segment and a sporty SUV. By 2030, the Neue Klasse range will account for half of global sales.

The 3 Series-sized EV may not even carry the "3" name, as recent reports suggest that there will be two versions of the 3 Series based on different platforms. It's important to remember that Neue Klasse is not just about EVs. BMW firmly believes there is room for EVs and ICE vehicles in the future.


"But the Neue Klasse is so much more than a comprehensive new product portfolio with the core characteristics: electric, digital and circular. It defines what the BMW Group will stand for in the future and will make us an entirely new company," said Zipse.

The first taste of Neue Klasse was unveiled ten months ago with the BMW iVision Circular. It will introduce a digital Vision Vehicle early next year at the Consumer Electronics Show (January 5-8).

"It will showcase our digital expertise - both in our vehicles and as a company and partner for tech players around the world. And, for IAA 2023 (formerly Munich Motor Show), I can already promise you a glimpse of the Neue Klasse - with a spectacular digital experience for our customers," said Zipse.


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