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BMW Breaks Silence On i8's Future Replacement

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All will be revealed this month.

The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe will officially break cover next week, although leaked photos have already shown it in all its stunning glory. Turns out this isn't the only big reveal BMW has planned this month, however, as the Bavarian automaker has teased a mysterious new concept dubbed the BMW Vision M Next.

Sadly, the handful of photos released don't give us much to go on. Produced by artist Thomas Demand, the photos show a series of close-ups of paper and cardboard models of the new concept. They are also zoomed in so closely that it's difficult to make out many details.

One photo appears to show the concept's sloped roofline, so we're most likely looking at a coupe. There also appears to be three openings finished in black contrasting the gray body, but they may only be for cosmetic purposes. A prominent character line adorns the profile and goes up towards the rear, while the lower half of the body is finished black and red. BMW isn't giving much away here. We just hope it looks better than the polarizing iNext SUV concept.

Whereas the Vision iNext previewed BMW's upcoming flagship autonomous car, BMW says the Vision M Next "demonstrates how technology can be harnessed to enhance driving pleasure". "In the new age of mobility, intelligent technologies will fuel sporty driving, and the person at the wheel will be turned into the ultimate driver," BMW says.
The name suggests it will preview the future design direction of BMW's M performance cars. It will also likely be electrified with either a hybrid or fully electric powertrain.

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The latter seems the most likely since BMW recently hinted that the automaker's electric i cars could get the M performance treatment. We wouldn't be surprised, then, if the BMW Vision M Next concept previews the i8's future replacement – especially as one of the photos appears to show a flying buttress. We'll find out what BMW has been cooking up later this month.