BMW Brings Badly Named But Still Awesome "Iconic Lights" Concept To CES

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Lasers, it has lasers.

Laser headlights seem to be all the rage with the Germans as of late, and it's not difficult to see why. Lasers provide noticeably better illumination, a new level of versatility in the area of exterior design, and it's also cool to say your car has lasers. BMW has already put such headlights into a production car, the i8, actually the world's first production car with laser headlights. But BMW is using CES to show off the technology and talk about bringing it to the rest of the lineup.

The that end, BMW has brought the M4 Concept Iconic Lights to CES to show off what the lights look like in a more mainstream (relatively speaking) car. The concept is capable of a 600-meter high beam and is equipped with an anti-dazzle system to keep oncoming drivers from being blinded. The car itself comes with a standard headlight design, and although the retrofitting looks good, we'd be curious to see what an M4 that was designed from the outset with laser headlights in mind might look like.


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