BMW Can't Make M Cars Fast Enough

Worldwide sales grew 14 percent in 2013, just tailing AMG division totals.

BMW’s M division’s sales- including its various M and M Performance upgrade models - grew 14 percent in 2013, bringing in a total of 31,282 units sold worldwide. Trailing Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division (with 32,000 cars sold globally), the company’s high performance - and high-priced - vehicles are selling impressively in markets throughout the world. AMG also reported double-digit growth in 2013, assisted especially by the new CLA45 AMG.

Models taking part in BMW’s success included the outgoing E92 M3 sedan, coupe and convertible, the M135i, X5 M and X6 M, the facelifted M6 Coupe, Gran Coupe and convertible and the M5 Sedan. BMW is continuously rolling out new models to join the line, like the M3 sedan and M4 coupe which were recently revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. These will be joined shortly by the M4 convertible, M235i and the new X6 M, making 2014 look even more promising. Meanwhile, they will also face increased competition from new Mercedes AMG models and Audi's excellent S and RS lines.

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