BMW Celebrates DTM Titles with M Performance Parts

Essen Motor Show

After sealing all three titles in its first season back in the German touring car championship, BMW is showcasing its latest M Performance accessories on the new 320d Touring at the Essen Motor Show.

It almost never happens that a team or a manufacturer entering (or in this case, re-entering) a racing series clinches the championship in its first season. But that's exactly what BMW did this year in DTM. The Bavarian automaker returned to the German touring car series to challenge arch-rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz after a 20-year absence, and after claiming more victories and accumulating more points than its rivals, BMW took all three titles in the series this year.

BMW took the drivers' title (with Bruno Spengler), the teams' title (with Team Schnitzer) and the manufacturers' title. That's cause to celebrate if we've ever seen one, and in the truest of "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" traditions, BMW will commemorate its victory come December at the Essen Motor Show in Germany with a grand display of M Performance parts. The European equivalent of SEMA, the classier Essen expo gives European manufacturers a chance to show off their aftermarket wares. In BMW's case, that will come down to its M Performance accessories for a broad range of vehicles, including the new 3 Series Touring.

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Launching in April, the new 320d Touring will be displayed equipped with an M Performance Power Kit that raises the 2.0-liter diesel's output from 184 horsepower to a nice round 200. Suspension and brake upgrades are also part of the mix, along with 20" alloys and an interior augmented with a special wheel, pedals, Alcantara and carbon. The tweaked sportwagon will be displayed alongside a 125i, 120d, 535i and M3 on a show stand that mimics a racing circuit's left-right chicane, with the victorious M3 DTM to be used for a pit-stop challenge in which the public (expected to top over 340,000 visitors to the show) can participate.