BMW Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary With A 600 Horsepower M6

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This is a nice 100th birthday present.

BMW just commemorated the M3's 30th anniversary with a special edition model. However, to commemorate the brand's 100th birthday, the 450 horsepower M3 just won't cut it. That is why the BMW's Japanese branch has just unveiled the M6 Celebration Edition. This M6 will be one of six special edition models in 2016 that will celebrate BMW's centenary. The car will come with the competition package which raises power to 600 hp and 516 lb-ft, an increase of 40 and 15 respectively. The pack comes with some other goodies too.

You also get M Ceramic brakes and improvements to the suspension and steering, while the top speed has been raised to 190 mph. Only 13 units will be built to represent the car's codename (F13). You will be able to spot these cars thanks to Austin Yellow paint and Merino Leather in black with yellow stitching. Orders will be available on July 9th for 23,210,000 Japanese Yen, or $210,000. However, with only 13 set to be built, we doubt you can get one.

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