BMW Confirms 1M Coupe Successor

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A proper successor to the famed BMW 1 Series M Coupe has been confirmed by the brand's CEO.

When BMW's acclaimed high-performance M division launched the 1 Series M Coupe back in 2010, it didn't expect for it to become a sensation among brand purists and gearheads alike. An initial production run of just 2,700 units soon became nearly 6,331 due to huge demand in both Europe and North America. So it would make sense for the automaker to produce a proper successor, based on the current generation 1 Series.

However, nothing had been fully confirmed this was in fact the plan - until now. In a new interview with BMW Blog, the M division's CEO Dr. Friedrich Nitschke confirmed that a 1 M Coupe successor would be happening, but its overall makeup is still being decided. Nitschke also commented that the entry-level M135i has so far been very successful but it's still not a pure M car. No mention of a launch date for the 1 M Coupe successor was given but for now it's simply good enough to know that it's in the pipeline.

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