BMW Confirms The M2 Will Always Have Sensible Price Tag

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BMW M wants its compact performance car to remain a relatively accessible experience.

It's common knowledge that the freshly revealed BMW M2 has some pretty big shoes to fill as the F87 stole the hearts of many enthusiasts thanks to its fun-loving nature and relatively accessible price point. It is reasonably apparent that BMW is well aware of this fact and insists that BMW M will always do its best to ensure that a car of this caliber will always be available in this segment.

Speaking to Autocar, head of BMW M, Frank van Meel, dropped some crucial information relating to the all-new G87 BMW M2. Answering the big question of whether the compact sports car will always have a place in the brand's stable, van Meel states that he is aware some customers have their financial limits. He adds that BMW M can increase its pricing on cars such as the M2, but that will hurt its customer base. Pricing of future products will always be in line with what the current M2 is being sold for.


At $62,200, the new M2 is hardly cheap but when you consider that a base M4 now starts at $74,700 and that many larger M cars cost over $100k, it's still a much more accessible option for many people.

While the concept of the M2 product remains the same, van Meel shed some light on what needed to be changed to make it a more competitive product in the current era. For starters, things on the rear axle have been tightened up. It still maintains a drifty nature, but there's more composure so that it can tackle lap times with more effectiveness.

There will be a drift mode available for those who still wish to get sideways. Van Meel adds that the previous M2, "also was precise, but this is less, let's say, spectacular, in a way, because spectacular makes you slower."


This leads us to wonder whether M2 customers even care about setting quick lap times. The M boss was quick to say that "100% of our customers value the character of the car," so it's not all about the lap times but also engagement. He says that in both America and Europe, a high number of BMW customers are taking their cars to the track. In Europe, there are also various car clubs organizing track meets and other M driving experiences.

With the G87, the goal was to have a car that could offer the best of both worlds. Precision and agility are elements that you will be able to feel on the road and track when behind the wheel, van Meel insists. He adds that even at speeds as low as 30 mph, you'll feel as if you are behind the wheel of a thoroughbred performance car. Fun is said to be had during both low and high-speed driving.

BMW 2023 BMW M2 Top View BMW
2023 BMW M2 Top View

With that being said, does BMW M still see factory racing as a priority? Van Meel says that it is still a very important element of its brand. He explains, "motorsport teaches you how to make a car precise. In motorsports, if you're not precise, you can't win."

The technology we see in current M models is still heavily derived from the brand's racing projects to have daily drivers and race cars as one singular product. With BMW M now pushing into the WEC with a new hybrid hypercar, it has taken yet another step to introduce electrification into its product portfolio. On the road, M fans can soon get behind the wheel of the hybrid XM. That's got a price tag of well over six figures, though, so we're encouraged by van Meel's remarks that more affordable M cars like the M2 aren't going anywhere.

2023 BMW M2 Tail Lamp BMW 2023 BMW M2 Engine Bay BMW
2023 BMW M2 Tail Lamp
2023 BMW M2 Engine Bay
Source Credits: Autocar

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2023 BMW M2 Top View 2023 BMW M2 Tail Lamp

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