BMW Considers M7 and a Mid-Engined Supercar


The head of the M Division admits that no final decisions have been made on either project.

BMW has great plans for the M Division if clues that Friedrich Nitschke, the Division's President, spread in an interview with Car and Driver are to be realized. When asked about a rival to a Mercedes Benz S-class AMG or the Audi S8 he answered: "we are considering it." When asked about a mid-engined supercar he said that the M Division still hasn't got the "final go" for that project.

So if these to options are really on the table, neither of which was categorically denied, then Herr Nitschke is going to have a lot of work on his hands at the top end of the market. He also referred to more mundane matters such as the new M performance series, diesel engines and manual gearboxes. As for the latter he said the current M5 isn't suitable for a manual gearbox because it could be destroyed by the powerful engine if the driver made a mistake when changing gears. He said that European customers, where manual gearboxes are more common than in the US, are used to the switch and haven't complained.

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And in America there are still a few customers loyal to the old technology, whom complain about the lack of a manual gearbox option. He also said that there will be no M versions for BMW's all electric cars, the i3 and i8. Photos displayed are of the 2012 BMW 7 Series Sedan.