BMW Creates A Compact 4-Door Concept That's For Chinese Eyes Only

This is one Chinese car you'll actually want to own.

BMW brought the M4 GTS to the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show but decided to show off its Concept Compact Sedan at the 2015 Guangzhou Motor Show in China. The aptly named sedan is a design study through and through targeted at Chinese consumers. (It’s essentially a four-door 2 Series.) As this is a design study BMW didn’t bother to talk about technical features. So all we have to go off of are these images and an extremely wordy press release. We’ll do our best to summarize.

Basically, the idea here was to create a sporty yet roomy compact car. Roominess is key in China, and as such this compact’s length is stretched to its limits. Overall the design is more or less BMW, as in aggressively refined. One awesome deviation from the norm is the addition of two individual rear seats in the back as opposed to one three-seat block. We have to think Chinese consumers would especially appreciate this owing to the whole desire for maximum legroom. We also have to think this concept would do just as well if shown off anywhere else in the world. It may not make a ton of sense given the fact that there are about a million variations of the 3 Series on offer, but we’re willing to bet people would gladly shell out for an M235i Sedan.

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