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BMW CSL Models Set To Make Return

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Looks like BMW is reviving a classic name.

Last year, BMW telegraphed a part of its future product cadence when the company made efforts to secure trademark rights to the name "CSL," three little letters with heavy hitting significance to roundel enthusiasts. The CSL badge hasn't graced the rear of a BMW since the M3 CSL ended production in 2004, nearly 15 years ago. Luckily, a brand spokesperson confirmed to The Drive that "CSL" will soon return in order to replace "GTS" as the company's most hardcore performance offer.

CSL is still alive, and replaces GTS on further cars which are appropriate to get a CSL version-generally speaking," outlined the spokesperson, hinting at a reorganized hierarchy of sportiness. The new scheme will start with M Performance cars like the M240i, which is hotter than it should be but still not a fully vested BMW car, before progressing to proper M things. The next step up the ladder are M Competition models like the new M2 Competition. Branching out from the Competition badge is the CS grouping of "Coupe Sport" cars, with the "Lightweight" cars crowning the corporate structure.

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So if you're wondering what a CSL car could or would entail, just think of an M4 GTS and mentally change the letters. Thankfully the M Division will reserve its most coveted badge for models deserving, so no, there won't be an X6 M CSL which should somewhat help restore your faith in humanity. This hierarchy won't automatically come with every model, just where it makes sense. E.g. "there won't ever be an X5 M CSL," the source concluded.