BMW Decides To Ruin Your Childhood By Racing An i3 Against A Challenger

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This classic muscle car is no match for the future.

Whenever people criticize a new car for being too slow, automakers have a habit of comparing it to something much older, that was once perceived as a very fast car. One of the most hilarious examples of this was when Skoda organized a drag race between its new Superb 280 wagon and an assortment of supercars from the 1970s '80s and '90s. Even though cars like the Porsche 911, Acura NSX, Ferrari 308 and Lotus Esprit Turbo were special back in the day, they are now no match for a common Skoda wagon. Now BMW is out to prove this same point.

BMW recently revealed the new i3S, which is a sportier version of the i3. In a new commercial, BMW wanted to show that the i3S is plenty fast by racing it against a Dodge Challenger. Not a new one of course, because that drag race would be painfully one-sided. This Challenger was a beast back in the 1970s, but it can't keep up with progress.

We still believe that BMW may be missing the point with the i3. Even though the EV BMW may be faster, we don't think this commercial would do anything to make our readers take it over that beautiful Dodge Challenger. BMW seems to be backtracking with the i3. The car was FWD, and didn't share a lot of DNA with the rest of BMW's sporty lineup. We wish that BMW had just built an EV with the looks and performance of a Tesla, not some odd-looking hatchback that happens to say BMW on it.

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