BMW Design Boss Teases Mysterious One-Off For Villa d'Este

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BMW will reveal a "beautiful two-seater" later this month.

Head of BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk, and his direct underling, Domagoj Dukec, have taken to Instagram to tease a one-off creation for this year's Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este, taking place from May 19-21. The teaser image is sketched with half of the design blurred out, but the fender vents and mirrors appear to be a dead ringer for those seen on the BMW Z4 Roadster. Based on how the roofline appears to be fixed, we'd bet that this is a hardtop version of the Z4, potentially with shooting brake influences. Considering that this "brand new one-off from BMW" is being revealed on the lawns of Lake Como, we expect some bespoke styling elements, high-end paint, and a lavish interior.

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Adrian van Hooydonk teases "a beautiful two-seater." We'd like to think that this means the one-off will feature some old-school styling influences. Perhaps this will draw inspiration from the Z3 M Coupe, affectionately known as the Clownshoe, but with no mention made of powertrains, not to mention the setting for its reveal, it's safe to assume that whatever BMW plans to unveil will not make its way to series production.

It could be a design concept to show us what BMW can do, or it could be a car that was privately commissioned for a wealthy individual. The 3.0 CSL has proven that BMW has customers willing to spend silly money on low-volume specials, and the customers who attend Concours events are always looking for ways to outdo their peers.

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Having the world's only G-series Z4 Coupe would be quite the bragging right. The Z4 hasn't been hugely popular, but a closed roof could make it more appealing to some, and if BMW elects to add some M touches, it could be even better. Most customers are not interested in a Z4 M, but since this is a one-off, perhaps we could see a quad exhaust, the S58 engine from the M4, and a wider track.

More likely is that this will be a regular Z4 with a closed top and some new bumpers. We'll bring you some in-the-metal images later this month so you can see if the view was worth the tease.

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