BMW Develops Advanced Hi-Tech Glass Windows

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Intelligent Glass Control can tint specific parts of the windows for enhanced climate control.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BMW revealed a raft of new technologies based on its interpretation of driving in the future, and the different customer expectations that will come with autonomous vehicles. Now, another impressive piece of gadgetry has been revealed on the brand's so-called future technology flagship, the iNext.

The technology in question is Intelligent Glass Control, a reflective type of glass that can be activated both manually and automatically in order to keep the interior of the car as comfortable as possible at all times.


Even in vehicles with modern climate control systems, the sun's harsh rays can temporarily disrupt the temperature regulation inside the cabin. With Intelligent Glass Control, various sensors will be able to pick up on the specific position of the sun. This means that only certain areas of the window will be adjusted to keep excessive heat and light away.

Likewise, if the iNext were to drive through a tunnel the windows' tint would automatically deactivate due to the absence of natural light. If the technology does end up making it onto the iNext in this form, it'll certainly be another welcome advancement in climate control systems.


It's just another piece of the iNext puzzle as we get ready for the flagship electric SUV from BMW. Besides the possibility of the Intelligent Glass Control, the latest reports indicate that the range-topping iNext will have two electric motors with a combined output of 500 horsepower. As a technology leader within the brand's stable, the iNext will also be equipped with advanced level 3 semi-autonomous technology.

Although BMW has since reduced its range expectation for the iNext from an original 435 miles to 360 miles, it's still more impressive than what the Jaguar I-Pace and the Tesla Model X can do. Together with BMW's latest driver safety tech, it should be a formidable competitor when it arrives next year and take its place alongside the X7 and 7 Series.

Source Credits: BMW Blog

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