2012 New York Auto Show

BMW Display Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3 at NY Auto Show

A BMW M3 coated in a new shade of blue is on display at the NY Auto Show to judge public responses.

The Bavarian automaker has brought a one-off Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3 to the New York Auto Show in order to gauge public opinion and determine whether this particular shade of blue has any future in the next generation M3. Over the years the M3 has been shown in a variety of different hues in order for owners to express their individuality. Frozen colors are often attractive when viewed up close, but they demand proper care and attention.

For example, insects must be washed off the paint soon after they land and certain car washes must be avoided like the plague. And then there's the premium, which normally falls in the $2,000 price bracket. But this particular matt finish paint scheme looks like it'll be worth the effort, if not the expense.

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