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BMW Displays Fleet Of Emergency Vehicles

BMW has unveiled its own proposals for emergency vehicles at the RETTmobil, the leading European trade show for emergency services and mobility. Not to be outdone by Mercedes-Benz with their SLS AMG emergency vehicle, BMW has decided to take a more conservative, mainstream approach. While the SLS AMG is an incredible machine, BMW has chosen cars that are more practical for this line of work.

Specifically, they displayed 3-Series and 5-Series Touring models along with the X3/X6 SUVs. Considering the SLS AMG doesn't even have a backseat, BMW's choices are much better suited for fire brigades, ambulance departments, and security services. The cars are available with specific, purpose-built options that are integrated into the vehicle in the development stage. An example is a special warning system that's integrated into the iDrive, which can be controlled with the iDrive knob.

There's also direct selection buttons on the center console for those who don't like to use iDrive.

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