BMW Doubles Carbon Fiber Orders for EV's and Next 7-Series

Says it may incorporate the material in additional future cars.

With long waiting lists for both its electric vehiclemodels - the i8 hybrid and the i3 fully-electric car - BMW is cranking upproduction of carbon fiber along with specialist group SGL Carbon. Themanufacturer will up production to 6,000 tons, as compared to the current 3,000 annually. According toReuters, BMW is also likely to use the material in its upcoming new 7-Seriesflagship sedan, which is expected later this year.

With a six-month waiting period for the i3, and the i8 sold out before it has even hit showrooms, BMW is stockpiling carbon fiber to keep upwith existing orders. The ultra-lightweight material will be used extensivelyin the i8, keeping its weight to just over 3,100 lbs and giving it a 0-62 mphtime of less than five seconds. Likewise, it is incorporated in theelectric i3 city car, which boasts a 99-mile range and 0-62 times of undereight seconds. As demand for quicker, lighter and more efficient carscontinues to grow, BMW is expected to add carbon fiber to other future models.

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