BMW Driver Dons Massive Grin While Testing The M Sport 6 Series GT

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It may not be as fast as the Porsche Panamera, but that grin tells us it might be more fun.

The letters "GT" have very different meanings depending on which brand's roof you happen to find yourself under. For example, Ford bestows the moniker to its Coyote V8-powered Mustangs and its range-topping supercar, but over at BMW, the letters seem to designate its ugliest of cars. Gran Coupe is what you want from the Blue and White Roundel if looks are your thing, and that was best embodied in the 6 Series GC. Now, as we are disheartened to announce, BMW has spread the GT disease up from the 5 Series to the 6 Series.

The automaker did this in hopes that latching the cargo-carrying rear end onto a sleeker body would make the GT more attractive. Our spy photographers managed to catch the test mule drifting around in the snow and snapped a few pictures to let you be the judge of that. Ugly or not, the massive grin plastered on the face of this BMW test driver goes to show that the 6 Series GT inherited plenty of BMW's sporting DNA. The particular model we caught here is festooned with BMW's M Sport package, a halfway between the lesser utility-oriented models and a full-blown M track car. Unfortunately, the M Sport package is as high into the M range that the 6 Series GT will go.

This is wise on BMW's part given that most enthusiasts who would opt for an M model also want a side serving of good-looks. That's not to say that BMW didn't try to make the 6 Series GT more attractive, especially given that it added larger air intakes and an M Sport front bumper. But in our eyes, the rear end still has that abrupt drop off that makes it look like BMW put too much of the X lineup's looks into the 6er. The improvements in design are marginal and don't make for a night and day difference such as the one we saw in the second generation Porsche Panamera. For BMW loyalists wanting a Porsche sedan alternative, you'll need to opt for the 650 GT xDrive with the M Sport package if you can stand to look at it.

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