BMW Driver Flees Poland for Belarus in 20 Seconds

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Dodging border guards and formal border crossing procedures, this guy in a stolen BMW is still hiding out somewhere in Belarus.

Being a criminal isn't always easy. But for the guy behind the wheel of this stolen BMW from Germany, it seems that taking on some Speedy Gonzales tactics while dodging a Polish-Belarus border crossing was his only option to avoid prison. According to an official report from the Belarus border committee, the Russian driver was in a stolen car originally registered in Germany. Apparently just the thought of going to prison in this part of the world forces one to take extreme measures.

The report further claims that this guy had a residency permit for Germany but opted instead to take his stolen BMW to Belarus via the Polish border. The Belarus border patrol noticed the driver looked suspicious but before they had time to make a move the guy took off through the snow-covered roads. He still remains at large somewhere in Belarus.

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