BMW Driver Humiliated After Totaling M4 Competition

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This is how not to drift.

BMW's new M4 Coupe is a sensational car, especially in Competition guise. It offers an exceptional balance between mind-bending performance and daily usability. It's also quite good at drifting if you happen to know what you're doing. The man in this particular case obviously thought he had bags full of talent, but it turned out he had nothing more than a fanny pack filled with basic handling knowledge.

This M4 is not the first victim of the drift analyzer, nor will it be the last. Still, there's nothing really shocking about the above statement. Every generation of the M3/M4 did exactly the same thing.

The G80/G82 M3/M4's M Drift Analyzer gives you a score out of five for a drift. That already seemed like a bad idea to us, but then we drove the car and found out just how difficult it is to get five stars. What kind of crazy Ken Block stuff do you have to do to get five stars? Drifting is a big part of the M4's marketing strategy. So much so that BMW is now releasing how-to videos showing you how the system works.

One owner in Lithuania must have missed these online lessons because he got it horribly wrong. It's hard to feel any sympathy, however. You see, on the rear bumper of this particular M4, there is a sticker that states "drift happens." In this case, the other thing happened. Following the initial encounter with the M4, the driver with the dashcam that shot the footage went about his day.

Rear View BMW
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Later on, he happened across an accident scene, and lo and behold, 'Drift Happens' was the center of attention. Unfortunately, the M4 Competition wasn't the only damaged car. The accident also took out two Volkswagen Passat wagons and a rather nice Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries.

The road is also scattered with body panels wearing the striking Sao Paulo yellow hue from the M4. It's not clear what happened, but considering the bumper sticker, we can kind of guess. As for the BMW, we think it's a write-off. Both the front and rear are destroyed, and all the airbags are deployed. We do think the accident improved the design of the front-end, however.

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