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BMW E30 Driver Survives Harrowing Crash After Losing Brakes At 110 MPH

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This poor BMW E30 never stood a chance.

Classic cars are bucketloads of fun for those with the respect, admiration, and patience they require, but in some instances, their aged parts can become a burden in high stress situations. This is one of those cases, and to make matters worse, everything goes wrong at exactly the wrong moment. After accelerating to pass a car on the track, Greg, the owner of this 1991 BMW E30, found that his brakes had gone out and a wall at the end of a tight corner was approaching fast at 110 mph.

Carnage ensued, and though it pains us to see a gorgeous E30 in this condition, the accident went well for Greg and his driving instructor because both were able to walk out of the car in the aftermath. In a detailed post titled "Goodbye to Holly (the name he gave the E30) he made to r3vlimited forums, Greg explains the situation from his perspective.

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He says, "Thirty minutes into the session without any warning the brakes were gone and I had no pedal pressure as I entered the braking zone into turn 8. I did my best to try to get the car turned and scrub off some speed and not hit head on as I was taking the turn off line. The rest is history. My instructor and myself walked away with no injuries. That is the most important part." On camera, we an hear the tires squealing and see Greg turning the wheel with almost no response from the car, suggesting the front tires were locked. We won't dig any deeper because what's done is done and all there is left to do is mourn, get back up, and start building a new E30. Good luck Greg.