BMW E30 Modernization Kit is Either Genius or Death Penalty

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Or, you could just leave your classic 80s Bimmer be.

BMW's glory days may have culminated with the 1980s 3-Series E30 generation, widely regarded as one of the best driving and handling, as well as most-classically styled Bimmers. Most owners of this generation prize their cars, and while they may tune them or modify their external appearance, they're happy to let their design shine through into the present and future. But Hungarian firm TMCARS has decided to put their imagination to good use, in order to see how the E30 could have evolved over the years.

So, what would a current-day E30 look like? The company's kit adds i8-inspired headlights and a reprofiled, modern front grille to the car, in addition to a smooth bumper and daytime running LED lights. In the rear, the lights and bumper are also given a modern theme, with longer, deeper overhangs extending both the front and rear ends. Love it or hate it, it looks like these Hungarians have put a lot of thought into destroying this classic.

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