BMW E46 M3 Vs. Ford Fiesta ST - Where's Your $25k Going?

Matt Farah reignites the classic old versus new conundrum.

$25,000 is pocket change for some, and a life-changing amount of money for others. As this happens to be a common sum folks spend on a car, assume for a moment that's how much you have for a new ride. The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah did just that and by whittling down the selection to a E46 BMW M3 and Ford Fiesta ST, reignited the new versus old debate. On paper these are very different cars, but that's the whole point. We all want cars for different reasons.

If it's a daily driver that nips around town like its on speed, then its the Fiesta ST. A more luxurious, weekend cruiser with timeless appeal? The M3 wins hands down. This is a highly subjective comparison test so try not to kill each other in the comments. Everyone is right about this one.

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