BMW E9 Reimagined For The 21st Century

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If only BMW could stick to this style.

Modern styling trends have taken favor with sharp lines and bold statements as can be seen in the Lamborghini Urus and the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. German auto manufacturer BMW has also been revealing some oddly-styled vehicles of late, such as the latest 4 Series, but recently revealed images by Abraham Chacko shows how designs from BMW's past can be turned into contemporary retro designs.

Called the BMW EV9, this car is clearly based on the classic E9, which means classic flowing lines and a naturally aggressive stance. This car raises a naughty finger to modern styling and is something every carmaker should strive towards.

Yanko Design Yanko Design Yanko Design

The EV9 is a feast for the eyes, and one of the first things one notices is the impressive daylight openings, giving this car an approachable and airy feel. Chacko's interpretation of the E9 pays homage to the legendary E9 in a respectful and tasteful way, all the while revolutionizing the overall package. Small details such as integrated turn signals, bezel headlights, and those minimalist kidney grilles show off how strong subtle changes can be. The aggressive front spoiler combines seamlessly with the flared look of the rest of the car, and the wheels on display are an iconic BMW design famously used on cars such as the exotic M1.

Yanko Design Yanko Design Yanko Design

Moving to the interior of this stunning coupe, and the sleek and minimalist design of the exterior has flowed into the cabin. Chacko went with some comfortable-looking seats, which look perfect for long road trips, a minimalist dashboard with blank dials sits behind a sci-fi steering wheel, and a wrap-around effect on the side panels and dashboard gives the cabin a cocoon-like feel. The rear seats are finished off with the same retro camping mattress look as the front seats. According to Chacko, the car features a host of AI technologies to allow the driver to focus more on the driving aspect of the car. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that this thing looks truly amazing.

Yanko Design Yanko Design Yanko Design Yanko Design
Source Credits: Yanko Design

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