BMW Ends Production Of F39 X2 Crossover

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We suspect a replacement is already on the way.

It seems the BMW X2 has met its end. CarBuzz sleuths noticed the compact crossover no longer appeared on the automaker's USA website and, after some digging, we've got some answers. Initially, the brand responded with the usual corporate spiel: "BMW North America has made no statement [with regard to] the next generation X2. Sorry, we can't comment on any rumors or speculation."

However, a spokesperson later gave us the real reason - X2 production has come to an end. "This is because the car is currently out of production. Once we announce the details pertaining to the next generation model more information will become available online again."

2020-2023 BMW X2 Frontal Aspect BMW

This comes as no surprise, as the X2 is closely related to the second-generation X1. With an all-new BMW X1 on the scene, the Munich-based automaker may be readying a replacement model. Not much is known about the successor yet, but we expect it to adopt the new X1's design language and powertrains.

It's very likely that the new X2 will receive a battery-powered model, like the iX1 derivative. There's even a possibility the niche, coupe-like alternative may debut as an electric-only offering. While the next-generation BMW X3 will introduce both ICE and EV alternatives, rumors suggest the next-gen X4 will arrive as an electric vehicle only.

2020-2023 BMW X2 Rear Perspective Driving BMW

While plausible, this more affordable offering will probably adopt ICE and electric drivetrains. Expect it to be underpinned by the UKL2 platform, which should allow for anything from diesel-powered front-wheel-drive models, to all-wheel drive performance variants like the X2 M35i, not to mention the expected iX2.

Like the smaller X1, the outgoing X2 is not built at BMW's Spartanburg facility in North Carolina. The current model is assembled at one of two plants: Regensburg in Germany and BMW Brilliance's China plant. The new X1 is being produced at the Regensburg facility as well, so we expect the new X2 to follow suit.

2020-2023 BMW X2 Dashboard BMW

Inside is where the X2 felt its age. Many of the components and trim pieces look dated when compared to newer BMWs. We expect the X1 to lend its fresh, minimalist cabin and dashboard to the next-generation X2. If that's the case, the newcomer will adopt BMW Operating System 8 with the 10.25-inch instrument panel and 10.7-inch centrally-mounted touchscreen.

The styling remains to be seen, but we expect an even sharper, sleeker X2 to come our way. Rivals such as the Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA-Class, and GLB-Class certainly have their work cut out for them. Then again, these German giants won't leave anything to chance, and we've already seen Mercedes working on a riposte, in the form of an updated GLA.


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2020-2023 BMW X2 Frontal Aspect 2020-2023 BMW X2 Rear Perspective Driving 2020-2023 BMW X2 Dashboard

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