BMW Ends Production Of The M4 GTS; How Many Were Built In Total?

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BMW's original production figures were a bit off.

The BMW M4 GTS was supposed to have a limited production run of just 700 units with only 300 units allocated to the US. This exclusivity led to some insane markups as high as $200,000 over sticker price at some dealerships. If you could have purchased an M4 GTS for its base price of $134,000, you probably got a fantastic deal. BimmerPost is now claiming that BMW's original goal of 700 units may have been a bit off. According to a voucher received by a customer, BMW promised "approximately 700 units," so we don't doubt that more were built.

According to the forum, BMW produced 803 customer cars with a few extra for preproduction, press and demo cars for a total of 830 units. The production run breaks down to 278 left-hand-drive EU models, 120 right-hand-drive EU models and 405 North American models. The last M4 GTS was a US-spec Black Sapphire model which entered final production on November 28, 2016. Now that the production run is over, you won't be able to buy one new. Fortunately, you probably weren't willing to spend over $300,000 to buy one with that dealer markup, so it's probably not a big deal that the run is over.

If collectors, however, find out that the original 700 unit production run was exceeded, the values on these cars may go down slightly. We know the M4 GTS is a very good car, but we're not entirely certain it's worth twice the price of the standard M4.

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