BMW Explains How To Use The M3/M4's Traction System

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It can really make you look like a driving god.

BMW's new M3 and M4 are remarkable machines, but with more power than ever before, along with loads more tech, some of the cars' features need explaining. BMW has been posting a series of videos doing just this, since we live in a world where nobody can be bothered to read the owner's manual. So far, BMW M has covered the manual transmission, unpacked the aerodynamics, and showed how the M modes work. In the latest video, BMW M explains the traction control system. Take a look at the short clip below and see just how useful the various levels of assistance are.

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With what BMW M calls an "actuator slip limitation", the system is able to quickly and precisely "catch" wheel slip, improving by a factor of 6 to 8 over the old system. To show how much better the system is now, the video shows a test when changing from a slippery surface to a dry one. The car is in second gear with the traction and stability management off. In the F82 M4, the system takes a while to detect that there's more grip, while the G82 M4 responds quickly. As a result, the newer car is able to accelerate faster, sooner.

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BMW keeps its multi-level traction system but adds more facets of control in the most extreme settings. With all systems on, the car gives you as much traction as possible to guarantee safety. In M Dynamic Mode, you can drift the car but the stability control system remains on. The idea here is to give the car a slowness of response that makes controlling a slide much easier.

With the DSC system, you can now have it all the way off or fine-tune it, with the latter a new feature. It has 10 different levels of traction available so that you can maximize response without compromising safety, and find the ideal configuration for any track. Brilliant work from BMW, but no matter what Munich does to help drivers, you can expect to see loads of crashes over the coming years.

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