BMW Explains Why New M3 And M4 Are So Special

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New videos reveal some unique insight into the new models.

BMW is one of the best when it comes to building fast road cars, and the news that the new M3 and M4 have entered production has fans across the globe sitting on the edge of their seats. Despite BMW's controversial new design language, we expect customers to flock to showroom floors once these cars become available in the US. We recently noted that a 2021 BMW M4 Competition would cost over $100,000, which begs the question: what does one get when investing in one of these new M Performance cars? BMW has now posted a series of videos explaining exactly why these cars are so special.

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In the first video, BMW engineers dissect the M cars and discuss their performance, front wheels and brakes, chassis bracing, weight-saving measures, and total vehicle weight. According to our video host Klaus, who is responsible for the overall vehicle function of the new M3 and M4, the new base M4 is faster than the previous generation GTS. The new car features lighter wheels and a stiffening package that includes front and rear bracing. The M3 and M4 also feature a carbon roof, aluminum doors and hood, a lightened crankshaft that saves 1.5 kg, and the M Carbon bucket seats that save 10 kg over the standard set. A standard F82 M4 Competition weighs 1,640 kg while the new car fitted with all available lightweight options comes in at 1,674 kg.

Dashboard BMW Gear Shifter BMW Seat Details BMW Steering Wheel Design BMW
Gear Shifter
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Steering Wheel Design

In the second video, our new host Markus explains the ins and outs of the M3 and M4's cooling system. Markus firstly shows us that those large new kidney grilles aren't just for show: the entire surface is used for cooling purposes. A 1000-watt fan keeps things cool, and a specialized stone guard has been fitted specifically to protect the cooling system while on the race track. A transmission oil cooler can be found in auto cars, and the front range radar unfortunately has to sit left of the radiator. Brake ducts are situated next to the radiator, and the engine oil cooler features a lip to create negative air pressure for added cooling performance. It is clear that BMW is committed to building class-leading performance cars, and we salute them.

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