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BMW Features Big In Tom Clancy's 'Jack Ryan' Series

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The CIA agent streams on Amazon Prime in a 5 Series

BMWs are no strangers to espionage on the silver screen. Ethan Hunt drives (and rides) them in the Mission: Impossible movies, and Pierce Brosnan did the same as James Bond in the 1990s. And now the German automobiles are set to feature alongside another spy in a streaming video series coming to your television (or computer) screen.

The series is called Jack Ryan, and it's set to reach Amazon Prime in just a couple of days. It's based on the titular Tom Clancy character, and the titular CIA agent will be driving a BMW 540i xDrive sedan.

An M5 (or even M550i) it may not be, but the 540i is no slouch. Slotting in above the base 530i, it packs a 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight six sending 335 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver a 0-62 quoted at 4.8 seconds. That's about as much punch as the second-generation E34 M5, and acceleration as quick as the third-gen E39.

"Throughout the action-packed story, Jack Ryan not only demonstrates his analytical capabilities; he also shows pure athleticism and short reaction times under the most extreme conditions," notes BMW spokesman Uwe Dreher.

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"The BMW 5 Series Sedan – our 'business athlete' – with its dynamic performance, superior handling and all-round connectivity is perfect for him." The product-placement blitz doesn't end there, either, with an X5, X6, and classic 2002 also set to feature.

"The car a character associates with tells you about who they are, and who they may become – because of this, we felt BMW was a perfect fit for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," says Amazon's Michael Benson. "BMW has set the bar for excellence in driving for decades: We share the same vision for Prime Video."