BMW Finally Confirms Next M5 Will Offer Rear-Biased AWD


So that you can drive your M5 in the snow.

Both Mercedes-AMG and Audi are doing it so it makes complete sense for BMW's M division to do likewise with its sedans. It's taken a bit of time but a BMW official has just admitted that the next generation M5/M6 will feature an optional all-wheel-drive system. Rear-wheel-drive will remain standard but for those buyers (and there are many) who experience snowy and icy winters, a solution has been found. Speaking to Auto Express, M division chief Franciscus van Meel stated that the next M5/M6 won't adapt a pure 50:50 four-wheel drive system.

Instead they'll feature a rear-biased setup to guarantee performance driving characteristics. What's interesting is that van Meel's previous gig was Audi RS chief, so he knows a thing or two about Quattro four-wheel drive. Aside from the next M5/M6 being more all-weather capable, having power going to all four wheels is also necessary because of the additional torque and horsepower. As far as a transmissions go, some markets will be offered a six-speed manual, but BMW will continue to heavily push the dual-clutch. In other words, the demand to row one's own gears is becoming less and less popular.


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