BMW Gets Pinned Under Semi Truck In Horrifying Hit And Run Crash

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Police are still trying to identify this idiotic Infiniti G37 driver.

You never know what hair-raising incident a dash cam will capture next. Last week, a reckless Infiniti G37 driver was filmed committing a hit and run on the California 10 Freeway by another driver's rear-facing dash cam. The Infiniti driver swerves recklessly across lanes and cuts through a narrow gap between a BMW and a semi truck, clipping the BMW in the process. The Infiniti got off lightly as it speeds away, but the same can't be said for the BMW. The impact caused the innocent driver of the BMW to lose control and spin into the side of the truck.

Terrifyingly, the car was then pinned underneath the trailer and dragged along the freeway before the truck eventually came to a stop. Watching the footage, the scene looks like a stunt out of a Hollywood film. The footage was captured by Jose Riosa a few cars ahead, who, unlike the idiotic Infiniti driver who caused the accident, stopped to help the female victim of the crash.

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A Facebook post by the victim's son, Alan Pacero, confirms that his mother who was involved in the crash walked away with only minor cuts and bruises and that the G37 was stolen. Photos shared on Facebook also show the extent of the damage, as the crash left the BMW with a dented roof, crumpled front-end and shattered windshield. Pacero praised BMW for "building a safe car structurally," but commented that the airbags didn't deploy. Police are still trying to trace the hit and run driver. Suffice to say, the incident has attracted a lot of attention. Pacero is determined to track the driver down and his post has been shared nearly 60,000 times at the time of writing, so let's hope they get caught soon.

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