BMW Gives Us A First Look At The Front End Of The New Z4

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Looks like an 8 Series Concept fooled around with a Jaguar F-Type without protection.

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is just a week away and already we're seeing teasers of a few noteworthy models expected to debut at the world-famous Monterey Car Week. Among those is the long-awaited BMW Z4, which was previously teased to us last month when a silhouette of the roadster was posted on BMW's Instagram page. This time around, we get a better view of the drop-top Bimmer courtesy of a teaser image on BMW's Facebook page detailing its August 17th Reveal.

Next to an image of a dark 3/4 profile of the car, the caption read, "A whiff of excitement. More to come. Get ready for the reveal on August 17th." A whiff that brings a dose of excitement with it is the perfect way to describe what we see here because from what we can tell, this is one of the more advanced-looking Bimmers we'll soon catch on the road, looking almost like a bridge between BMW's current styling and the forward-thinking aesthetics of the i Series Bimmers. With a crouched, rounded, muscular, yet tall front end, the Z4 manages to retain some of the look we've previously spotted on the 8 Series Concept mixed with the athleticism of a Jaguar F-Type.

Large kidney grilles are the dominant feature, but they're accented by angry angled headlights and an AMG GT-like rounded side that looks more like a power bulge than a slab of fat. On the hood is a vent reminiscent of an Aston Martin Vantage while the wheels appear to be staggered so that the rear rims are larger than those up front. With power going to the rear wheels through what we expect to be a handful of turbocharged inline-six engines, the Z4 should be able to zip off the line, though its dynamics will be better oriented for grand touring than for track days. Unlike the Toyota Supra, which which it shares a platform, the Z4 is expected to get a manual gearbox as an option. We'll know that for sure come the 17th.

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