BMW Gives Us A Good Look At The X7 SUV, Confirms Reveal This Week

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Look at that pretty glass roof framing all four seats.

BMW can't seem to stop hitting home runs. It followed the 8 Series Concept, a car already dripping with sex appeal, with the Z4 roadster to give us a taste of where its sights are0 set for at least the next generation or so. However, the German automaker is far from done, especially when it finds itself in the middle of a pivotal year where it can either reclaim its sales crown from Mercedes or let the Silver Star stay ahead. To advertise just how hard it intends to fight, BMW USA just tweeted a teaser image.

The picture, an overhead shot of a four-seat vehicle with a glass roof sitting on what appears to be a helipad, is paired with a caption that reads, "We're redefining luxury with something big on September 8th. Stay tuned." Of course, it immediately becomes necessary to dig into the message and rip apart the photo for any evidence of what BMW could be planning. Fortunately, we don't have to look too hard to spot some obvious clues, starting with the fact that the vehicle sits exactly four occupants and no more. That rules out supercars, sports cars, standard run-of-the-mill sedans (because these come with five seats), and new takes on current SUVs in the lineup due to the same lack of a rear bench seat.

The glass roof and four-seat configuration gives us a clear message that BMW is working on something with more luxury than capability. Something like, say, the X7 SUV that's supposed to compete with the Audi Q8. Motor Trend took to Photoshop in order to mess with the image in search of further clues. There it found a Y-brace holding up the glass roof and the infotainment consoles straight out of the 7 Series. That top-tier equipment combined with the four seats we know will be featured on the X7, compounded by the fact we know the range-topping X will be revealed at Frankfurt, all points to this being a confirmation that BMW will reveal the X7 on September 8th. Time to get excited. If you're rich that is.

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