BMW Has Built a Self-Drifting M235i


Fully autonomous 2 and 6 Series models introduced at CES.

BMW plans to make cars fully autonomous by 2020. To that end, the carmaker has revealed a new autonomous driving assistant system at the Consumer Electronics Show, where it showcased the new tech on a 2 Series and 6 Series GranCoupe. BMW claims it has taken one more step to making “accident-free mobility” a reality. As well as enabling cars to cruise along the motorway without the need for driver input, the advanced system can also control the car in a range of different driving situations.

As demonstrated on the M235i Coupe, the cutting-edge autonomous driving assistant system can actively intervene in the driving process by operating steering, acceleration and brakes, independent of the driver.

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Prototypes have been tested and successfully executed precise slalom runs, evaded obstacles at speed and controlled deliberate oversteer slides. A future where drivers will be able to check emails while changing lanes at 100 mph is upon us. BMW aims to have a fleet trial for “highly automated driving” by 2015, and mass-produced motorway-based autonomous cars by the end of the decade. The foundation and technology is in place, all that's needed is a change in legislation in the Geneva Convention, which states that drivers must be in control of their vehicles at all times. Will lawmakers play ball? That's a question we'll answer on another day.