BMW Has Built More Of The 3 Series Sedan Than You Ever Could Have Imagined

Can't argue with success.

It was in 1975 when BMW launched the car that changed the German brand forever – and all for the better. The 3 Series has become the benchmark, and many claim, quintessential sport sedan (and coupe) that spurred competing brands to enter the same segment. Many have tried, some have come darn close, but no other carmaker has managed to consistently build a car of the 3 Series’ caliber. So just how many 3 Series sedans has BMW built over the past 40 years?

10 million. The 10 millionth example, a 320d in Imperial Blue, recently rolled off the assembly line in Plant Munich, which has produced all six generations of the model. Whether you’re a BMW enthusiast or not, you’ve gotta admit this is quite an accomplishment.

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